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Punk'd is an American hidden camera-practical joke reality television series

History and format[]

Originally, Ashton Kutcher and MTV were developing a series called Harassment, a hidden camera show which would feature pranks on regular people. However, a January 2002 prank involving a fake dead body at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas backfired and the couple who were targets of the prank sued Kutcher, MTV, and the hotel for $10 million. The concept was later retooled to involve celebrities instead. Pranks would be set at a variety of locations, public and private. The show's first prank was set at singer Justin Timberlake's home, where he was led to believe that government agents were seizing his home and valuables because of unpaid income taxes. The prank was named by Time magazine as #3 in their list of 32 Epic Moments in Reality-TV History.


"Vanessa Hudgens"
Season 9, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date April 26, 2012
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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"Tyler The Creator" "Nick Cannon"

Lucy Hale pranks Ian Harding; Vanessa and Sarah Hyland crash a parade; Josh Hutcherson under surveillance.