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Vanessa played one of the main characters in the film, Linda Taylor. Hudgens described her as, "...the "beauty" of the story but not the stereotypical beauty everyone thinks of


Beastly received mostly negative reviews, earning a 20% approval rating from from 89 reviews, with an average rating of 3.7/10. It was ranked #45 in The Times‍ '​ predicted "50 Biggest Movies of 2010".


Kyle Kingson , the arrogant and vain son of wealthy and equally arrogant and vain news anchor Rob Kingson, bullies the witch Kendra Hilferty who magically transforms handsome Kyle into a bald, tattooed, and scarred shell. If Kyle does not find someone who loves him by the next spring he will remain in this ugly state forever. Kyle is taken to live in a private house with their maid Zola Davies and the blind tutor Will . Both are a comfort to Kyle when his father begins to neglect him.