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Agnes "Apple" Bailey Is Portrayed By Vanessa Hudgens

Agnes "Apple" Bailey has never had an easy life. She's Been in and out of Foster Care For Years. And Her mother June is an abusive addict  who only wants her for the welfare money she provides he decides to run away and go in search of her absent father, Tom Fitzpatrick , whom she discovers is now a wealthy Wall Streetbroker with a family. He agrees to take her in, but she's quickly forced out again when he and his wife learn she's pregnant and don't agree with her decision to keep the baby.

When a pimp forces her into his vehicle to discuss "business", Apple jumps into the driver's seat, speeds away and crashes the car. Apple awakes in a hospital where a priest, Father McCarthy, is waiting to speak with her. After gaining her trust Father McCarthy arranges for her to stay in a home for pregnant teenage girls. The shelter is run by a formerly homeless woman named Kathy . June is informed that Apple will be staying there and goes to the shelter in an attempt to take her to her home, but is forced to leave after she gets violent.

Apple bonds with the other girls at the shelter, beginning to open up and trust them. She gives birth to a baby girl and names her Hope. Tom comes to visit and the two reconcile. He offers to let Apple and Hope come live with him, but as they're leaving Apple realizes she's already made a home for herself at the shelter and decides to stay